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"Purveyors of Speciality Chemicals"

Water Treatment Services for the 21st Century

Our Organisation has been involved directly with the water treatment industry for over three decades. We strive on providing our clients with an un-paralleled service commitment, which we feel is the most important aspect of our work.

Agua-SegurIdad was built on providing a service which provides our customers with the satisfaction they demand.

Our main goal is to become your water treatment provider of chemical sales and service, however, we understand that this can only be achieved by listening carefully to our customers needs and providing them with a level of service commitment they require along with quality products specifically taylor made to their requirements.

Agua-SegurIdad believes in a local network as we try to offer our customers a local service, along with locally blended products where possible.

We specialise in the water treatment for low pressure steam boilers that require chemical treatments to prevent the build up or degradation of heat and cooling exchange surfaces that come into contact with water.

A full range of treatments are available from feed to blowdown, backed up by a service programme which is understood easily by plant boiler operatives.

Agua-SegurIdad has the experience to provide you with the answers when you have expensive breakdowns and plant shutdown relating to steam generating equipment placed off line due to water related deposits. We can also provide you with the knowledge required to repair and or clean essential equipment.

Our Staff our here to help you with your queries or questions should you require a site visit please do not hesitate to contact us so we can arrange for one of our technical consultants to visit you on site.

Agua-Seguridad runs an environmental programme which it promotes by the safe use of products with respect to waste contamination of product in to ground water supplies. We call this our Blue Responsibility project created by our in house chemists. Details available upon request.

Our water filtration department which concentrates on pre filtration can provide you with unique ion exchange filter technology capable of producing the results you require for acceptable parameters in plant feed water or effluent discharge.

Agua-Seguridad has close business relationships with its providers of finished and raw materials, all of our suppliers have strict quality control and necessary certificates.

Environment Policy

"Preserving Our Environment By Offering Our Clients
Technological Treatments Which Do Not Impact Local Ecological Systems"


	3000-3045	Coimbra
	1000-1990	Lisboa, Lisbon
	4000-4350	Porto

	3305	Anceriz
	3300	Arganil
	3305	Barril de Alva
	3305	Benfeita
	3300	Celavisa
	3300	Cepos
	3305	Cerdeira
	3300	Folques
	3305	Moura da Serra
	6285	Piodão
	3305	Pomares
	3300	Pombeiro da Beira
	3300	São Martinho da Cortiça
	3300	Sarzedo
	3300	Secarias
	3300	Teixeira
	3305	Vila Cova de Alva

	3060	Ançã
	3060	Bolho
	3060	Cadima
	3060	Cantanhede
	3060	Cordinhã
	3060	Covões
	3060	Febres
	3060	Murtede
	3060	Ourentã
	3060	Outil
	3060	Pocariça
	3060	Portunhos
	3060	Serpins
	3060	Tocha
	3060	São Caetano
	3060	Corticeiro de Cima
	3060	Vilamar
	3060	Sanguinheira
	3060	Camarneira

	3040	Almalaguês
	3004	Almedina
	3045	Ameal
	3040	Antanhol
	3025	Antuzeda
	3045	Arzila
	3040	Assafarge
	3020	Botão
	3020	Brasfemes
	3040	Castelo Viegas
	3030	Ceira
	3040	Cernache
	3020	Eiras
	3025	Lamarosa
	3045	Ribeira de Frades
	3040	Santa Clara 
	3000	Santa Cruz
	3000	Santo António dos Olivais
	3000	São Bartolomeu
	3025	São João do Campo
	3025	São Martinho de Árvore
	3045	São Martinho do Bispo
	3030	São Paulo de Frades
	3025	São Silvestre
	3000	Sé Nova
	3020	Souselas
	3045	Taveiro
	3020	Torre de Vilela
	3030	Torres do Mondego
	3025	Trouxemil
	3025	Vil de Matos

	3150	Anobra
	3150	Belide
	3150	Bem da Fé
	3150	Condeixa-a-Nova
	3150	Condeixa-a-Velha
	3150	Ega
	3150	Furadouro
	3150	Sebal
	3150	Vila Seca
	3150	Zambujal
	3090	Alhadas
	3090	Alqueidão
	3080	Brenha
	3080	Buarcos
	3090	Ferreira-a-Nova
	3090	Lavos
	3090	Maiorca
	3090	Marinha das Ondas
	3090	Paião
	3080	Quiaios
	3080	São Julião (Figueira da Foz)
	3080	Tavarede
	3090	Vila Verde
	3090	São Pedro
	3080	Bom Sucesso
	3090	Santana
	3090	Borda do Campo
	3090	Moinhos da Gândara

	3330	Alvares
	3330	Cadafaz
	3330	Colmeal
	3330	Góis
	3330	Vila Nova do Ceira

	3200	Casal de Ermio
	3200	Foz de Arouce
	3200	Lousã
	3200	Serpins
	3200	Vilarinho
	3200	Gândaras

	3070	Mira
	3070	Seixo
	3070	Carapelhos
	3070	Praia de Mira

Miranda do Corvo
	3220	Lamas
	3220	Miranda do Corvo
	3220	Rio Vide
	3220	Semide
	3220	Vila Nova

	3140	Abrunheira
	3140	Arazede
	3140	Carapinheira
	3140	Gatões
	3140	Liceia
	3140	Meãs do Campo
	3140	Montemor-o-Velho
	3140	Pereira
	3140	Santo Varão
	3140	Seixo de Gatões
	3140	Tentúgal
	3140	Verride
	3140	Vila Nova da Barca
	3140	Ereira

Oliveira do Hospital
	3400	Aldeia das Dez
	3400	Alvoco das Várzeas
	3400	Avô
	3405	Bobadela
	3405	Ervedal
	3405	Lagares da Beira
	3405	Lagos da Beira
	3405	Lajeosa
	3400	Lourosa
	3405	Meruge
	3400	Nogueira do Cravo
	3400	Oliveira do Hospital
	3400	Penalva de Alva
	3400	Santa Ovaia
	3400	São Gião
	3400	São Paio de Gramaços
	3400	São Sebastião da Feira
	3405	Seixo da Beira
	3405	Travanca de Lagos
	3400	Vila Pouca da Beira
	3405	Vila Franca da Beira
Pampilhosa da Serra
	3320	Cabril
	3320	Dornelas do Zêzere
	3320	Fajão
	3320	Janeiro de Baixo
	3320	Machio
	3320	Pampilhosa da Serra
	3320	Pessegueiro
	3320	Portela do Fojo
	3320	Unhais-o-Velho
	3320	Vidual

	3360	Carvalho
	3360	Figueira de Lorvão
	3360	Friúmes
	3360	Lorvão
	3360	Oliveira do Mondego
	3360	Paradela
	3360	Penacova
	3360	São Paio do Mondego
	3360	São Pedro de Alva
	3360	Sazes do Lorvão
	3360	Travanca do Mondego

	3230	Cumeeira
	3230	Espinhal
	3230	Podentes
	3230	Rabaçal
	3230	Santa Eufémia
	3230	São Miguel

	3130	Alfarelos
	3130	Brunhós
	3130	Degracias
	3130	Figueiró do Campo
	3130	Gesteira
	3130	Granja do Ulmeiro
	3130	Pombalinho
	3130	Samuel
	3130	Soure
	3130	Tapéus
	3130	Vila Nova de Anços
	3130	Vinha da Rainha

	3420	Ázere
	3420	Candosa
	3420	Carapinha
	3420	Covas
	3420	Covelo
	3420	Espariz
	3420	Meda de Mouros
	3420	Midões
	3420	Mouronho
	3420	Pinheiro de Coja
	3420	Póvoa de Midões
	3420	São João da Boa Vista
	3420	Sinde
	3420	Tábua
	3420	Vila Nova de Oliveirinha

Villa Nova de Poiares
	3350	Arrifana
	3350	Lavegadas
	3350	Poiares (Santo André)
	3350	São Miguel de Poiares

Water Filtration

Here at Agua-Seguridad we run a "tight ship" when it comes to the assembly of our filtration equipment, in a nut shell, all of our equipment is built to marine standard regardless of whether its for Land, Sea, or even Air.

Whether, it is a complex Reverse Osmosis System or a basic base exchange Water Softener, you can be assured it has been built to a high quality, checked, and re-checked.

We provide pre-treatment and after filtration for a wide range of businesses which include, Bottle Washing Plants, Laundries, Car Washes, Breweries, Hotels, and Textile Manufacturing Plants, to name just a few.

In addition we also supply and build turnkey systems for special requirements, such as Sodium Filtration, Ultra-Filtration, or Demineralisation.

Our area of expertise also covers Iron Removal by filtration and aeration, all of our column filters are also available in duplex versions which do not interrupt the influent water supply.

We know we can solve your water related problems, and provide you with a system that simply produces the results that meet the standards you require.

All of our filtration equipment assembled is essentially chosen by our expert team based of the analytical results provided by our clients or collected by ourselves and the typical flow rate data provided, plus, listening carefully to our customers problems, and needs.

Should your filtration system require pre chemical treatment such as an antiscalant polymer, or a disinfection product, our chemical department has the full technical knowledge along with the product to implement this, either within the turnkey filter package or independently on site.

Please feel free to contact us for your requirements as we would be pleased to provide you with a proposal.

Our association with our suppliers enables us to provide our clients with specific water treatment filtration systems, ranging from standard water softening units, to complex, iron, nitrate, tannin and sodium removal filters built to order. We also provide commercial reverse osmosis flirtation units, and bacteriological treatment.

Chemical Water Treatment

Boiler Water
Our goal is
to become your
local supplier of
quality treatments
coupled with an
service commitment

Agua-Seguridad specialises in providing steam boiler water treatment chemical's specially for preventing water related problems on heat exchange surfaces.

Our primary business is the manufacture and sales of boiler treatment chemicals backed up by a strong service commitment. We have joint venture partnership and business partners across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Agua-Seguridad follows fundamental treatment practises first introduced in Industrial Water Treatment by Portals Plc which was a Pioneering Global Authority on the treatment of water using chemical treatments and filtration.

Our extensive training in engineering, heat efficiency, and steam generation, coupled with a deep knowledge of treatment chemicals, can be translated into an effective service programme to service clients needs ,solve problems, and provide the customer with a level of service they require.

Agua-Seguridad has hands on experience and knowledge gained in water treatment, primarily in the chemical treatment of low and high pressure steam boilers to BS2486. We are typically involved in areas which require water treatment which include Electricity Companies, De-salination Plants, Laundry's, Sugar Cane Factories, Food Processing, and Hospitals to just mention a few.

Our success is based on providing the customer with a good reliable service with quality products produced locally if possible. Diligent management of ISO 9001 and 9002 is achieved during the manufacturing of our products. Quality control is a high priority along with customer relations and support.

Agua-Seguridad offer a specific range of treatments for your low or high pressure steam boiler, along with on site visits, analysis of boiler and feed water, with written client recommendations and suggested replacement treatments.

Agua-Seguridad is not a company, here today, gone tomorrow, our foundation was built on being in a soluble position to assure our clients a long term commitment. We constantly look at our vulnerabilities as a water treatment provider and take the necessary steps to prevent disruptions in our team.

We make sure that all our customers who utilise our boiler treatment products receive a monthly service visit for us to carry out water analysis, check water parameters and discuss with the chief engineer our findings. This is all recognised in a written report and can be documented digitally or traditionally in a boiler log book.

Our results correspond to huge savings across the board when it comes down to energy consumption and water usage, the results of your boiler water determine the effectiveness of your your planned preventative maintenance schedule thus preventing steam boiler downtime, loss of production and expensive repairs.

We recognise how important the smooth running of your steam operation is to you, that is also why we understand that a local technical support representative is essential in the smooth running of the chemical treatment application.

Our Company also promotes a high level of cleanliness by maintaining our working areas in maritime condition along with a high level of health and safety, we pride ourselves in this area as we believe an untidy boiler operating room can be detrimental to your production line.


Boiler Security treatment products


SECURITY-OX 1010 ref (171)A liquid sulphite based oxygen scavanger for the treatment of boiler feed water
SECURITY-OX 1020 ref (173)A liquid blend of tannins used for the treatment of boiler feed water
SECURITY-OX 1030 ref (169)A solution of volatile oxygen scavanger for the treatment of boiler feed water
SECURITY-OX 1040 ref (177)A blend of catalysed sulphite, volatile oxygen scavanger and amines for the treatment of boiler feed water
SECURITY-OX 1050 ref (681)An organic oxygen scavanger for the treatment and passivation of steam raising systems
SECURITY-OX 1060 ref (166)A liquid, non-volatile, organic oxygen scavanger for the treatment of steam raising systems
SECURITY-OX 1070 ref (449)A non-volatile, organic oxygen scavanger for the treatment of steam boilers


SECURITY-TREAT 1200 ref (031)A high stability polymeric water conditioner for the treatment of boiler water
SECURITY-TREAT 1230 ref (034)A sludge conditioner used in boiler feed water treatment. Used to condition and disperse and residual hardness.
SECURITY-TREAT 1240 ref (035)A sludge conditioner for the feed water treatment of a steam raising plant
SECURITY-TREAT 1250 ref (037)A sludge conditioner for the feed water treatment of steam raising plants
SECURITY-TREAT 1260 ref (666)A boiler feed water treatment for the control of scale


SECURITY-STEAM 2030 ref (219)A solution of volatile amines used to neutralise the acidic carbon dioxide content of steam condensate
SECURITY-STEAM 2040 ref (222)A solution of volatile amines used to neutralise the acidic carbon dioxide content of steam condensate


SECURITY-HEAT 1600 ref (150)A multipurpose boiler feed water treatment for the treatment of softened feed waters
SECURITY-HEAT 1610 ref (149)A multipurpose boiler feed water treatment for the treatment of softened feed waters
SECURITY-HEAT 1620 ref (144)A liquid blend of tannin and alkalinity builder for the treatment of feed water to hot water systems, packaged steam boilers and steam generators


SECURITY-CLEAN 1750 ref (083)A base exchange softener resin treatment
SECURITY-CLEAN 1850 ref (243)An alkaline liquid boil out treatment for the removal of oil and grease, dirt and other organic contaminants from water side boiler surfaces.


The new generation of electronically-controlled LMI electromagnetic pumps is light and reliable and can be used for a wide range of applications in both aggressive environments and outdoor settings.
With four models and a wide range of liquid end materials available, the ROYTRONIC® will adapt to your every need.

Oil & Gas Products

Oil & Gas Refineries & Petrochemicals

AguaSeguridad can provide a specialist set of chemistries for applications within oil and gas refineries called SECURITY-PRO.
The full list of products available in this range can be found bellow.

Our SECURITY-PRO ranges from 1000 to 9000
Please contact us for more information.

Agricultural Products



Continuous Multi-Stage Nutrient Exchange Agricultural Water Filtration System.

The (NA50-5B) HY-PO FILTER is a combination of duplex filtration methods and traditional methods primarily using adapted exchange technology in a part process which exchanges unwanted Sodium for valuable Nutrients.

The complete system deals with incoming brackish borehole or well water which has unacceptable levels of sodium typically from salinity intrusion in low lying areas.

The system can also be adapted (HY-PO-RC) to cope with recirculated contaminated run off water returning from the irrigation system.

The brackish water is initially stored, then filtered in various ways to remove unwanted contaminants, followed by sterilisation. From here the water is then specifically adjusted before the sodium is removed.

The filtered, sodium free water can then be stored in the re circulation feed water in the main holding tank.

Advantages of this system are as follows:
  • It reduces the amount of Nutrients required in a typical fertiliser feed mix, therefore reducing costs of raw plant food.
  • It eliminates plant growth failure and stunted growth.
  • It eliminates the vulnerability of loosing a crop due to sodium contamination.
  • It creates longer taller growth in the flowers.

Our System can be adapted to work with, and compliment existing membrane and ultrafiltration technology.

A system can pay for it's self within a short time due to the savings that can be made, and the increased revenue from taller better roses and reduced fertiliser costs.

The system can be supplied on five skid mounted high grade non corrosive frames built and wired to Marine Standard, or constructed on site.

Each system is specially ordered and built to suite the actual requirements requested, this is a very special unique turnkey package that you will not find elsewhere on the market.

This filtration system may suite your requirements due to tight new laws concerning irrigation water run off, recirculated system requirements or high costs of State mains water.

If you depend on local water resources for your agricultural needs and your run off waste water is unacceptable for effluent disposal you may find that our system is just what you need.

All filtration systems also produce waste effluent, our unique system party produces a waste product which can be used to irrigate dry arid areas into green grass land, however additional waste effluent is still produced which should be disposed of in accordance to local Laws.

New technology is currently being developed for more than 50% recovery of salty RO brine and filtration effluent. Current research and development underway which employ the use of microbiological absorbents to eliminate organics followed by an electrolysis concept for salt removal.

Our Goal is to prevent water table, reservoir, or lake contamination, we can preserve our Environment by offering our clients Technological Advancements which do not impact local Ecological Systems.

This unique product was developed in 1998 specially for the horticultural flower growing business. MT6000 is a specific blend of bonded macromolecular structures to prevent the build up of scale and unwanted deposits in micro drip irrigation lines.

This product can be dosed to the existing fertiliser batch tank or injected in proportion to feed tank water. It is non toxic to the environment and is acceptable for use in recirculation and sodium removal filtration systems.

Product has full approval and certification for specific use and is available in 200 lit drums.

Advantages of using MT6000 include reduced labour costs needed to unblock or replace feed irrigation lines, not to mention, disrupted growing areas, off line, and plant failure due to feed tip blockage.

MT6000 keeps the irrigation lines clean at all times, and works well under various water conditions.

HY-PO Filter is an advanced Water Filtration System which was designed for the Horticultural Rose Growing Industry.

HY-PO Filter is a part Nutrient Exchange Technique.

HY-PO Filter combines a number of techniques within a unique turnkey package designed to suite each individual customer and environment.

HY-PO Filter uses an innovative exchange process which replaces Sodium with valuable plant nutrients along with a pre filter correction stage, combined with a primary sterilisation technique, plus the option of deep sterilisation for the treatment of return run off effluent.

HY-PO Filter reduces the amount of nutrients required in the batch tank nutrient feed mix, thus reducing operating costs.

HY-PO Filter is built to marine standard from the ground up, including high grade non corrosive frame skid mounted with easy inlet and outlet connections. Options exist for inter-grated control.

HY-PO Filter can be combined with and compliment existing traditional or membrane filtration systems currently on site or can be a stand alone unit.

HY-PO Filter is an easy to use filtration system for the end user, should your system require a higher degree of control with todays technology we can offer our clients options in respect of online system monitoring, linked to the glass house mainframe computer if desired.

HY-PO Filter uses low energy.

HY-PO Filter protects the environment by preventing irrigation water run off from contaminating the valuable water resources relied upon.


Ballast water Chemicals



SECURITY-BALLAST 3700 Corrosion Inhibitor
SECURITY-BALLAST 3710 Corrosion Inhibitor Filming Agent
SECURITY-BALLAST 3720 Corrosion/Scale inhibitor filming agent


SECURITY-BALLAST 1010 ref (base) Neutralizer Sodium bisulphite
SECURITY-BALLAST 1015 ref (base) Neutralizer Sodium sulphite

(all products non chromate)


AguaSeguridad is a recognised distributor of concentrated vehicle wash cleaning chemicals by a well known brand called Nerta.

Our most popular products are Truck Cleaner 2000, Jumbo, and Wheelshine Super.
TRUCK CLEANER 2000 is an alkaline pre wash agent with a multifunctional application in truck cleaning.
JUMBO is a weak alkaline cleaning agent containing a special formulation for cleaning corporate cars and delivery vans.
WHEELSHINE SUPER is an alkaline rim cleaner with added sugar surfactants which remove brake dust, grime and dirt.

Products are available in 25, 200, and 1000 litre containers.




THE SPECIALS Besides the specific applications within car and truck cleaning, we also offer a large range of specials.This includes products for cleaning and maintenance of car wash installations, heavy duty cleaners for construction vehicles and germicidal sterilisation for agricultural machinery.


AguaSeguridad is a distributor of superior Anti Sapstain chemical product for the prevention of blue staining fungi which ruins the appearance of sawn timber.

Our product is used in industrial saw mills.

The product comes as a two pack programme consisting of pack A and B, this offers unique control and adjustment of the product to suite the origin of the wood. You can dial in our product to the exact level needed.

Product is available in 25, 650 and 1000 kg containers to suite your requirements.

We supply pumping systems to administer our products at no additional charge, as long as you use our products, you can use our pumps, it is the least we can do to help you.

Initial product order comes with a free analysis test kit and necessary safety signs.

Our product comes with a high level of local service commitment. This means you see us on a regular basis to make sure product is being maintained at the correct levels in the dipping tank.

A high level of technical support is provided by a network of experts in this field of work, backed up by scientists who will be pleased to carry out an analysis in the laboratory of any contaminated wood you would like to submit.

Product has certification by the Ministry of Agriculture for use in Portugal and has authorisation under BPR (Biocidal Products Directive).

Our Anti Sapstain is the most concentrated product available in the market place today, this means you do not pay to transport weak chemical diluted with water.

We offer fast delivery, competitive cost, local service, and a new generation product which works.

An Anti Sapstain Product your saw mill can depend on.

Please do not hesitate to us for more Information.


BIO-SEGURIDAD         "We fight fungi with fungi, a more natural approach"

Mill-Treat Range

Mill-Treat CP97 is a developed specific white fungi product which is used as a bio control agent for the prevention of blue fungi in wood yards.

When trees are commercially harvested unwelcome blue strain fungi from the forest can colonise the sapwood and cause an unwanted blueish dark staining, this fungi can be a big problem if it is not controlled as an outbreak can spell economic disaster for any saw mill who exports sawn timber to clients who expect to receive a good looking product at all times.

The blue fungi spores which exist in the soil or on logs can easily be spread by air and water or via insect activity and mud which can be transferred to the saw mill yard on transport vehicles and also using the logs as a carrier vessel causing cross contamination once stored.

Mill-Treat CP97 Is mixed into a suspended solution and is sprayed on to the solid wood logs before being stored before the cutting process.

Mill-Treat CP97 Is a preventative pre treatment, which out competes the growth of the blue fungi.

Mill-Treat CP97 Is a novel ingenious way to prevent the growth of blue fungi in wood saw mills.

Mill-Treat CP97 Degrades pitch components in wood.

Mill-Treat CP97 Product was developed without the use of mutagenesis or genetic engineering.

Mill-Treat CP97 Consists of freeze dried light brown flakes in measured amounts which are mixed with water into a dilute suspension.

Mill-Treat CP97 Penetrates the resin canals, reducing the extractives as it grows through the wood.


Typically a six day period is required to allow the fungus to grow through the logs and become the dominant fungi at the mill.

Once CP97 has been applied it grows deeply into the wood and captures nutrient resources that blue stain normally uses. The treatment process creates pathways through the wood, that can greatly improve the penetration of chemical after treatment products typically used.

Post Treatment Plan

Product works best when it is included in a treatment programme which involves an initial clean up of saw dust, bark and mud and deep clean sterilisation of a saw mill. We offer a separate cleaning product Security-Cool 4015 for this sterilisation purpose along with a dust suppressant dst3 to prevent yard dust from spreading blue fungi spores when it dry's and is blown around by yard traffic in the summer months.

The sooner that CP97 is used on felled logs the better, even if it can be manually sprayed onto as much of the log as possible, including the ends, by the truck driver collecting the wood.

At the mill the Initial main application of product solution must be applied to the logs within 48 hours of entering the saw mill and being stored for process.

After Treatment Plan

Product can also be used after the oven drying process of the sawn timber to encapsulate traditional chemical treatment providing the wood has a moisture content of above 35% and has cooled to ambient temperature.

Application Methods

Product is applied by various methods which can include, manual back pack sprayer, mechanical automised sprayer systems, dip tank or even drone for large wood yard storage areas to save labour costs.

Alternately a saw mill may even have an independent vehicle for applying the treatment via a pressurised spray system operated manually or automatically. A spray system can also be mounted in some cases on the log grabbing machine.


Dosage rates are dependent on geographical location, and local climatic weather conditions and patterns. The severity of blue stain fungi can vary from region to region, along with various species of pine. Due to these factors dosage rate of product will vary from mill to mill. A small quantity of CP97 dissolved into a dilute solution will cover a large surface area. However, higher dosage rates may be required to initially establish the white fungi, followed by reduced dosage rates.


Product is available in a 1 kg sachet and must be kept for long term storage in the freezer. The dosage to use for logs varies slightly from available lots, but is typically available at ~20 AU per kg.

This unique biocontrol agent has the ability to become the dominant fungi in the wood yard by eventually taking over from the blue fungi strain once the entire saw mill has been inoculated. However pre treatment must be maintained along with good, wood yard house keeping, to maintain good results.


Mill-Treat CP97 has a biocontrol effect and, being white and dominant on the wood, prevents fungal discolouration.

Mill-Treat CP97 decreases resin (pitch), with non-destructive penetration of wood cells.

Mill-Treat CP97 reduces pitch components by fungal secretion of hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes.

Mill-Treat CP97 whitens the wood for better appearance.

Health and Safety

Product has USDA certification as a non-pathogen, has had full acute toxicity testing at the Huntingdon Research Laboratories, with no demonstrated negative effects, and EPA ruling determining that it is not subject to Federal Plant Pest Act regulations and not regulated by TSCA.

= =
= € loss

Mill-Treat is a brand you can depend on, Saw Mill Managers can sleep easier at night knowing that their valuable product is protected.

An environmentally safe product to use in the local environment and eco system.


When the going gets tough you can rely on Polyclay

Polyclay is a specially formulated product which is used for the treatment of troublesome waste effluent waters. Product components act in sequence promoting rapid coagulation and flocculation. Contaminants present in the effluent are encapsulated to prevent leaching back out into the sludge.

Polyclay works when other coagulants and flocculants treatments fail to work.
Polyclay works well if combined with PAC or polyelectrolyte.
Polyclay improves the de-watering of sludge produced after process and prevents filter press blinding.
Polyclay is practical to use when system upsets are experienced.
Polyclay is economical and safe to use.
Polyclay eliminates the use and handling of dangerous acids and alkalis.
Polyclay is available in a dry granular form in 25 kg sacks.
Polyclay can be added manually or via a dry feeder system.
Polyclay is used right across the industrial sector for the treatment of waste effluent water.

Polyclay is very efficient at removing metals from the waste water, and reduces COD levels along with suspended solids. Has the ability to remove, heavy metals, water borne paints, latex, water based inks, suspended solids, dyes, oils, adhesives, and phosphates, just to mention a few.

Any plant operator who uses Polyclay is pleased with the results as sludge disposal costs are reduced.

We can offer and recommend various ways to adapt an existing treatment plant to apply Polyclay or we can arrange for you to have a full, turn key, CPS treatment package system.

Traditional Chemical Treatment

We also offer standard chemical treatments that include poly aluminium chloride (PAC), known as our Security-Treat 50 a very good all round coagulant.

We can supply a medium molecular weight anionic flocculant called Security-Treat 33 which will compliment our coagulant pre treatment.

In addition we also supply an antifoam product called Security-Cool AF70 should you experience foaming problems.

All Products are available in 25 litre, 200 litre and 1000 lit containers.


High Quality Tablet Salt Specific For Water Softeners

We supply a clean, high purity, tablet salt for the regeneration of base exchange water softeners.

Product is supplied in 25 kg sacks.

REACH compliance

AguaSeguridad is in the process of working in union with REACH.
REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. It came into force on 1st June 2007.

AguaSeguridad is a stockist and distributor of finished products and not a manufacturer of raw materials, and does not import chemicals into the E.U. We are therefore dependant on our raw material suppliers for compliance with the REACH Directive.
We only purchase finished materials from a list of approved and reputable suppliers who have pre-registered their materials. We have contacted all of our material suppliers and have received confirmation that all of the substances we purchase fall under REACH legislation.

  • The prime directives of REACH are as follows:
  • To provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals.
  • To make the people who place chemicals on the market(manufacturers and importers) responsible for understanding and managing the risks associated with their use.
  • To allow the free movement of substances on the EU market.
  • To enhance innovation in and the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.
  • To promote the use of alternative methods for the assessment of the hazardous properties of substances e.g. quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) and read across.

  • Consulting

    We offer a professional consultancy service available to clients who have large projects which require advice, technical know how, planning, water management, cost estimations, surveys, troubleshooting.
    Our team is managed by a combined knowledge of over 100 years in water treatment.

    We can provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge in respect of valuable contacts and professional's in this work.

    Please contact us for a detailed summary of our charges.

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